CEO, Troy J. Hines

Our CEO, Troy J. Hines, has been a visionary and operational strategist in the Banking, Fine Art, Health & Wellness, and Transactional Media arenas.

Hines believes that integrity, hard work, and capital, are the keys to success for any business.  As a 



serial entrepreneur, Word Works Global will be the 4th company that he has led as an executive, with an additional company still in operation.

Word Works Global started as a copyright organization, as Hines is a published author (, and has created copy and marketing campaigns for numerous companies including ESPN, Volvo, Bomberg, and others.

Hines believes that copywriting, and the mastery of the written word, will transform digital space in a way that has not yet been seen. The integration of that vision, coupled with web design, pushes the future of Word Works Global far beyond its original intent, and into the competitive digital space of marketing.

Although having an extensive background 

rooted in all facets of marketing (Radio, TV, Print, etc.),  Hines does not believe in "digital marketing".


Hines simply believes that a true master marketer, masters the art form of marketing, in an ever changing "digital world".  So the "game is the same", but the tools have changed.

We look forward to changing your digital appearance for the better and beyond; for if you will allow us to brain storm over your "brain child" (business) and bring out your very best.